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         This department is represented by the District Public Relations Officer who is assisted by about 70 employees including a District Publicity Organiser, Two field Publicity Assistants , An Information Centre Assistant, A Drama unit, A video Unit plus Bhajan Parties and Ministrial  staff etc. There are two Assistant Public Relations Officers at Sub-Divisional Headquarters at Narwana and Safidon working under him. District Public Relations Officer is also incharge of  Community Viewing Scheme under which TV sets are provided to Panchayat and schools. He maintains information Centre. The  Administrative Control of this office is with the Director, Public Relations Haryana, Chandigarh.

          The District Public Relations Officer maintains constant liaison with the press and the public in general for putting across the government point of view. He organizes a publicity drive through meetings, cinema shows, drama performances and personal contacts. The object is to inform and educate the people about various programmes and policies formulated by the government. He also keeps the government informed of public reactions to its plans and policies and conveys public grievances to the district and state authorities. The department also provides the Public Address System for the official functions and charge fee for the same form the concerned functions organizers except Government departments. These services are declared commercial by the State Government to earn revenue.   



             Jind Distt. is represented by 3 Assistant Registrar, Cooperative Societies Headquarter at Jind,Safidon and Narwana. Assistant Registrar, Coop. Societies, and Jind represent Jind Sub-Division with 5 Inspectors, Coop. Societies, Headquarter at Jind- I, II, III, Julana and Alewa. The Deputy Registrar, Cooperative Societies whos headquartering is at Rohtak is the controlling officer and have overall administrative control have the Coop. Societies as well as sub-offices.

                   The Assistant Registrar. Coop. Societies, Jind is the registration authority of Coop. Societies and to watch over and supervise their function. The Inspectors are working under the control of Asstt, Registrar, and Coop. Societies and are helping for smooth working of the Coop. Societies. The Asstt. Registrar, Coop. Societies is responsible for the healthy growth and development of the Cooperative Movement in his jurisdiction. The Cooperative Movement has grown over years and earns a number of activities like Agriculture Industries, Marketing, Consumer Stores, Labour & Construction, House Building, Poultry, Transport Societies and Banking. The department arranges credit requirements, Agriculture, Marketing, Consumer goods and other needs of Societies.  The details of societies functioning in the Sub-Division, Jind are as under:-


Kind of Societies



Central Coop. Bank



Sugar Mills






L/C Union



Central Coop. Consumer Store



Primary Coop. Store.



Coop. Mktg. Societies



Mini Banks (PACS)



Service Societies



Farming Societies






Industrial Socs



L/C Societies



House Building Socs



Salary Earners T/C Socs.



Poultry Socs



TPT Socs.



Grand Total





                 This department is represented by the District Food & Supplies Controller, who is assisted by one Distt. Food & Supplies Officer, 4 Assistant Food & Supplies Officers, 17 Inspectors, Food & Supplies and 18 Sub Inspectors Food Supplies, One Head Analyst and Three Junior Analysts and One weight & Measurement Inspector. He functions under the administrative control of the Director Food & Supplies Haryana. He is responsible for procurement of Food grains (wheat) and its storage, taking of levy rice from rice millers, preparation of ration cards and distribution of food grains and Essential Commodities like levy sugar, wheat/atta & k.oil etc. These activities are regulated through various control/licensing orders issued by Food & Supplies Department mainly under Essential Commodities Act (7.10.55). Besides above, the availability of LPG Diesel, petrol & Bricks is ensured.

          In 1999 there were 401 fair price shops (89 Urban 312 Rural) in the Distt. The fair price shops distribute levy sugar; wheat atta and K-oil to consumers against ration cards prepared by the staff at the rates fixed by the Govt.

          There are APL New ration cards 2,23,919  BPL ration cards 37739 .

          In 2000-2001 the total arrival of wheat was 5,38,502 MT. Out of which 5,34,349 wheat was purchased by the Govt. agencies. Food Department purchased 1,54,482 MT wheat.

          In the year 1999-2000 there was total arrival of paddy 1,86,267 MT. Out of which procuring agencies purchased 4176 MT paddy. 14579 MT. Levy rice was taken from the millers.



 The Government set up a sports Office at Jind in 1969, headed by the District Sports Officer. He is assisted by 28 coaches (hockey, wrestling and volley-ball).

          The government built a Nehru Stadium where coaching in Hockey, wrestling, and volley-ball is imported to the young boys and girls. Coaching camps are held from time to time for the selection of teams of the district. Talented young players are sent in the state level  coaching camp for further specialized training.

          The Sports Department gives financial assistance to various association and institutions for the promotion of sports. Coaching centers are being established separately for men and women for training in various games.

          To promote the sports activties in rural areas, youth clubs have been formed at various places in the district.



                                The Public Health Department is represented by one circle, at Jind, under the control of Superintending Engineer, PWD Public Health Circle, Jind. The Jind circle has three Public Health Divisions under its jurisdiction stationed at Jind,  Narwana and Kaithal, which have been functioning since 3.4.70, 1.2.85 and 10.8.89  respectively. These divisions are manned by respective Executive Engineers.

                   The Public Health Divisions, Jind is further divided in four Sub Divisions, out of which 2 No. are located at Jind , one No. at Julana and the 4th at Safidon under the control of a Sub-Divisional Engineers each. Similarly Public Health of a Sub-Divisional Engineers each. Similarly Public Health Division, Narwana has three sub divisions, two at Narwana and one at uchana, under the charge of respective Sub-Divisional Engineers.

                   Public Health Division, Kaithal has 5 sub Divisions under its charge with head quarters of 3 Sub-Divisions at Kaithal, one at Kalayat and one at Pundri, under the charge of Sub-Divisional Engineer each.

                   The overall control at State level of Public Health Deptt. Is vested with the Engineer-in-Chief, Haryana, PWD Public Health Branch, Chandigarh. The department is responsible for execution and maintenance of Public Health works relating to water supply, sewerage, drainage and sanitation in rural and urban areas . In Jind District, all the villages have been provided with piped water supply.



                                There are 5  Executive Engineer who look after the work of irrigation & flood in District Jind. There are four tehsils namely Jind, Safidon, Narwana and  Julana. Jind and Safidon tehsil come under the command of Yamuna Canal under the administrative control of S.E.

Y.W.S. Circle Jind & Narwana tehsil comes under the Bhakra system under the administrative control of S.E./BWS Kaithal.

                   In Y.W.S. Circle, Jind there are two Nos division namely Jind water Services Division, Jind under the charge of Executive Engineer & under this division there are 3 Nos. Sub Divisions namely Jind/Julana/Pillukhera. Under this division there are 13 drain with a length of 67.77 KM & 40. Canals having a length is 64343 Hectors. Out of this the canal water was provided to 38463 Hect. in Kharif & 37910 Hect. in Rabi.



                  In this division there are 3  sub-division namely Anta, Safidon & Rojla. This division looks after the 19 drains having a length of 90 KM & 14 canals having a length of 122 KM. The total area under irrigation is 32266 Hect out of this the total canal water supplied in Kharif is 14420 Hect & 12437 Hect. for Rabi.



                                In this division there are 3  sub division namely Narwana, Sudkan, Dhamtan sub-division. In this division there are 49 canals with a length of 507 KM & 17 drains with a length of 75 KM. The total area in irrigation is 100069 Hect. Out of which  total area irrigated is 82783 hect. in both the crops.



                   This divisions looks after the work of maintenance & repairing of pumps for flood operation. In this division there is one SDO at Jind. There are 22 pump houses site with 57 vertical pumps having a capacity of 479 Cs. Besides this, there are 69 diesel pumping sets having a capacity of 138 Cs & 72 electric pumps having a capacity of 198 Cs. The maintenance  & reparing is a responsibility of this division.



                      This division is under the administrative control of S.E. Construction Circle, Panipat. In this division there are 5 Nos. SDO. They mainly look after work of construction & rehabilitation of canals under world Bank Project.



              At the district headquarters, a Deputy Director, Agriculture, who is assisted by Agriculture Officers and at the sub-division level by Sub-Divisional Agricultural Officers, controls the department.

              District Jind has been divided into nine circles. Circle Agriculture Officer supervises and is assisted by Agriculture Development Officer. Training and visit system is in the progress in department since 1974. One Agriculture Development officer is appointed on an average 800 affective operating farm families. Circle Agriculture Officer is closely and affectively guiding usually 8 Agriculture Development officers. The each circle of Agriculture Development officer is divided into 8 groups. Each group is visited by A.D.O. on one of the 8 days assigned in each fortnight to regular, fixed visits.

          The Agriculture Department guides the farmers in the application of latest agricultural techniques which include intensive method of cultivation for higher production, new cropping patterns, preparation of crop plans, control of various pests and diseases affecting agricultural crops, use of fertilizers and improved seeds and laying out demonstration plots to show the cultivators the superiority of the strains and agronomic practices. The Agriculture Inspectors impart training and education to the farmers in their respective areas on matters relating to improved techniques and better farm management.



The office of the Fisheries development officer was established in the year 1972 to develop fish farming and the Government has established Fish Farmers Development Agency in the year 1990.

The department also imparts 15 days training to the persons, who wish to start fish farming. During the training, farmers get Rest. 25/- per day as stipend by the department and actual expenses from his destination for joining the training. The F.F.D.A. has trained sixty persons in year 1999-2000 for fish culture. The department also proposes to establish one seed farm in the district to meet the increasing demand of the seed.

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